sábado, 29 de dezembro de 2012

"Todd in the Wilderness" - monólogo

Durante meu tempo fora, escrevi uma peça de um ato chamada "Todd in the Wilderness". Por razões pessoais, prefiro não postá-la na integridade, porém aqui está um monólogo da personagem Nastazja, uma imigrante polonesa de 40 anos falando com Todd, o "filho"/cão/escravo sexual dela.

"Oh my poor baby...I am getting old, you know? And your father isn't getting any younger. He spends the days in that damn university, while I hide from the world in this fucking house. I can only go out once or twice a year. Otherwise I stay here, drinking my fucking vodka and smoking my fucking cigarettes...You are full of vitality and life. So many years ahead of you. It makes me jealous.

It makes me so jealous I want to spoil you! Especially because your father gives you all his attention. He spends all of his free time with you. I, on the other hand, have to wait until fall break to go out with him. I've become boring to his eyes. I'm old.

He loves you so much. He doesn't love me. I want someone to love me. To take care of me. To desire me, to possess me, to fuck me like I'm goddamn Mata Hari...That's all I want. It's not asking for much, is it?"

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  1. gostei do seu fucking monólogo, de verdade.

    um ótimo 2013!!