quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2015

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My heads full of I wonder I wonder if if I do it if I don't and there's my baby smiling at me and I know I can and I wonder if I wonder if we could fly and be and live and sing he knows me mine my heart can rest and I can breathe and his warmth oh his warmth is just so you know so ahhhh and there he is smiling at me and I just know and he knows and I don't know but that I'm sure he embraces me so tenderly like no one ever did and his nostalgic hugs bring me back to when I knew I was loved and protected you win some and lose some and I don't want to lose this game this man this friend this lover this this this or that or what I lost one love I can't lose the other who says sex can't be artistic I think it can it's just as fulfilling when he kisses me in the middle of the night and I feel like I know everything's gonna be alright but is it I wonder can't help to wonder everything has to be alright because my mother said it would be but she's just a human being after all isn't she so how does she know what gives mothers special powers to know that everything's gonna be alright it's funny cause I don't see other people's moms as moms, just my own but somehow my baby makes it feel like it will be alright although he doesn't know himself I wonder if I wonder if I have it in me to not fuck it up.